Painting outdoors has a trick. Before doing so, you should know what the right time to paint, since rain is or humidity can affect the work. Also, the type of paint for exterior painting is key because being exposed to the changing climate; it must be resistant enough so that the color stays alive over time. If you are thinking of changing the color of the facade of your house or floor, this post is for you, since we have included the five main tips for you to paint outdoors like a professional. Let’s go step by step. 

Type of Paint

The latex is cleaned with soap and water, dries quickly, and has little odor. Alkyd paints require mineral spirits (paint thinner) for cleaning, rather than just soap and water. However, many professional painters prefer alkyd paint because it is durable, stain-resistant, flows very smoothly, and dries with fewer brush marks.

Which one you choose is up to you. Just remember that if you are going to apply latex paint over a surface where alkyd pai50nt has been applied, you must first prepare the wall surface to make sure the new coat adheres properly.

Always read the label

There is a wealth of information printed on the can that can help you get your painting project done right. Pay particular attention to instructions on how to prepare the surface and resistance of the paint to outside temperatures.

Prepare the surface

Clean the exterior of the house from dust, dirt, mold, and debris with a thick bristle brush. Use a hammer to remove the nails from the wall and fill in the gaps using outdoor putty. Be sure to scrape off the old paint.

Brush or Roller? The Eternal Dilemma

The brush and the roller have different uses. Use the brush for narrow surfaces, edges, and small areas and the roller for wider spaces where you need to quickly cover the surface.

Paint In The Shade

Painting with the sun directly on the chosen surface or painting a surface burned by the sun will make the fresh paint dry faster. As a result, it will not adhere well, and air blisters will develop. That is why it is preferable to paint while there is shade and do not hit the sun directly. Also, this way you will avoid melting in the sun!